Ah, the summer in Krakow. That means Al fresco cafes, sipping Slavic beers under the Slavic sun, the grand facade of the St Mary Basilica, pub crawl promoters, street entertainers (and perplexed crowds trying to figure out how they hover – it’s a metal seat), irritating break dancers and the excrement of those endless horses and carriages. Goodbye snow, goodbye ice, goodbye spatulas and Nordic drinking horns of the Christmas market. Good riddance festive tree made of…of…umm…balls of light?

Summer in Krakow

Yes folks, given it’s the end of March and the cusp of summer in Krakow, we thought it was high time to post this timelapse, which we put together during the dog days of last August (or was it June?). The vid should give you a glimpse of what to expect from travelling to the Polish city of kings during the high-season, whether that means booming crowds on the Main Square, endless flocks of pigeons or just casual al fresco beers under the sun.

If you’re coming to Krakow in the summer this year, then be sure to check out helpful guides on where to have lunch in the city, where to listen to some summertime jazz, where to grab those all important Krakow pastries and bagels, what burgers to be sure to sample as you stroll the streets – the list goes on.

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(Music: Cable Swingin’ Ferret by Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band (goto80.com))